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Promotion: Firearm Cleaning Assortment Package

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Swab-its® Gun Cleaning Promotional Assorment Package

41-7915 - Everything you need to get started. Sell Swab-its®, Clean with Swab-its®, Great for Clubs, Instructors, Ranges and Dealers.

Includes a 6 package case of the following Bore-tips®: (6) 9mm, (6) .22cal, (6) .30cal, (6) .40cal and (6) .45cal. That equals 30 bags of Bore-tips®

Includes a 12 package case of the following Gun-tips™: (12) 9-piece Gun Cleaning Kit. The Perfect add-on for cleaning all action areas of your firearm!

Special promotional price of $149.99 with free shipping. Includes brochures, a counter-top display and stickers!

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